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We are Bold and Bright Marketing solutions! Established in 2016, and based in Chicago, we offer an alternative to the boring and traditional.  We saw the need to engage customers and potential clients in a fun and interesting way on billboards that show video, which has been proven to be the most engaging form of advertising to date. We didn't just want the usual digital billboards that become old and stale when people view the same thing day after day, we wanted to bring the advertising to the customers! That's how Bold and Bright Advertising Solutions was born.


Our trucks move around as required and are extremely versatile, offering many solutions to a variety of customers. From showing live events to advertising at live events, from a static advert in a specific area to a mobile based advert on a planned route, we saw potential for many ways to improve engagement and brand visibility. We bring state of the art technology, creativity and a blend of solutions to the table to maximize our offerings to you.


Service and transparency are important to us. We believe you should get what you pay for and offer ways to check on your advertising campaign, which also allows you to change things up a bit if the current marketing campaign is not performing as great as you would've expected. We are open to ideas and to customize our systems to meet your individual requirements. We strive to offer the best mobile advertising solutions and low budget video platforms for our customers. The potential for this type of advertising and broadcasting is far reaching and can be changed to meet changing markets and situations. 


Come join us for a chat on how we can maximize your advertising campaign.


Latest Technology in Visual & Sound Systems

We use 4k resolution LED Billboards to ensure that your advertisements are not pixellated, even when displayed larger than life! Your advertising will be in vivid, true to life coloring and will catch the eye of anyone near the mobile billboard trucks. Our sound system is designed to offer thunderous sound when necessary, without distortion, to ensure your message gets across.  The 4k resolution screens offer intense clarity and brightness.

Budget Accommodation

B&B eye-catchy digital advertising trucks are available with scope of three stylish, inspirational and creative screens.  The key issue here is the exposure your business brand will get for the budget you spend in comparison with traditional hoarding campaigns. B&B Mobile billboards offer you the advantage of extending your brand’s reach to all demographic points while remaining within the confines of your advertising budget.

GPS Mapping

B&B Advertising Solutions' mobile billboards have the latest technology of GPS tracking systems made available to our clients so that they are always  updated with exact locations of their campaigns. GPS Mapping also ensures that our drivers know the best routes to target the most amount of traffic to improve the number of people that view your campaign. GPS Mapping also allows you, as the customer to check where the truck is to ensure that the route agreed upon is being followed.

Content retention

Digital content is watched 94% more than printed content and retained 80% better than printed advertising. These figures are from actual research statistics. It is also noted that people are 56% more likely to share the information they received via digital as it creates a story in the mind, which is easier to retain and retell. Your potential customers will be more likely to watch the digital content and remember it as well as pass on the message to other potential customers.


We are Pioneers!

We know that an idea effectively communicated can change the world.


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Live Streaming of Sports, Concerts, Festivals and more

Let us help you boost your brand! Use our live streaming service to share events, concerts, and even sports! We help you connect with a much larger audience and make them feel a part of it all. Live streaming brings the action to your target audience as it happens! 

Festivals, Events & Concerts Stage

Ever wanted to host your own concert? We can help you achieve your dream! Our trucks can be used as a stage for festivals and concert performances at a much lower budget than traditional concert performance set ups. Not only can we host stage performances, we also offer a platform for speeches, presentations and more. 

Pre-designed Route Advertisement

Save costs and gain clients with the pre-designed route advertisement on our specially designed truck billboards! The truck would be traveling a set route, ensuring your maximum outreach to your desired demographics. Save while you improve your brand visibility by advertising smartly!

Design Your Route - Political Campaigns

You've done the research, you know your market? We can make sure you reach your required demographics effectively. Are you running an election campaign? Are you promoting a new product? Are you looking to get your message out there? This service is perfect for all types of promotional campaigns.




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