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Festivals & Events Stage

Ever wanted to host your own concert? We can help you achieve your dream! Our special trucks can be used as a stage for festival or concert performances at a much lower budget than traditional concert performance set ups.


Not only can we host stage performances, we also offer a platform for speeches, presentations and more.  No longer will someone have to miss out on seeing and hearing what is going on during the performance. Our LED screens on the sides of the trucks project out to a height of 8 feet off the ground and have a width of 14ft, making sure everyone can see the big picture. The truck allows for an autonomous sound system to be used, or just use the system provided by the truck for efficient, convenient service.


Consider using our system for your next product launch, special event, prize giving or concert for an efficient, reliable and cost effective solution. Quick to set up and easy to remove, no special requirements to use this effective system. You can also use our mobile billboards to showcase your brand and your products during an event or for special effects during a live performance. Our system is versatile and very effective!

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