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Mobile Billboard Leaders

We have taken the mobile billboard business in to the future. Instead of the static mobile billboards that become old and stale, we offer products that keep your customers engaged and that can be changed to suit new campaigns. We have researched what is needed to run successful advertising campaigns and bring that knowledge to bear when we advise you on the best way to improve your brand exposure in the market. We offer you a solution, provided by Bold and Bright Advertising Solutions, so you know who you are dealing with and aren't relying on 3rd parties to carry out the campaigns.

Quality of Our Service

We strive to stay at the cutting edge of technology for our video and audio displays to ensure you achieve maximum impact with your campaign. Our vehicles are kept in tip top condition and employees are knowledgeable and well trained in the operation of the systems. We ensure that you receive everything we promise, on time and within agreed budget. Using 4k digital displays and HD audio we ensure that your event, marketing campaign, advertising and so-forth gets seen in true color and sound is not distorted, even when it is set quite loud for maximum potential. We work with you to ensure we can provide you with a solution to meet your unique requirements and offer advise based on our experience in the industry.  We deliver on our promises to you and ensure the best quality mobile marketing and low cost static concert and event platforms available.

Meet your budget

An advertising campaign is designed to improve your brand visibility and hopefully improve knowledge of your products and service. Greater awareness of the brand will bring more customers over to your products and improve brand loyalty over the long term. Paper based advertising is temporary and most ends up in the bin before making an impact. Advertising on television and radio is easily switched off  or used as a snack break. Mobile billboards offer ways to reach your target audience in ways that are unavoidable. Research has also proven that video advertising of this nature sticks in people's minds for a longer period of time, with the original message being retained. Choosing mobile billboard advertising means that you will spend less on your advertising campaign to achieve a lot more.

Latest Technology

We use 4k resolution LED Billboards to ensure that your advertisements are not pixelated, even when displayed larger than life! Your advertising will be in vivid, true to life coloring and will catch the eye of anyone near the mobile billboard trucks. Our sound system is designed to offer thunderous sound when necessary, without distortion, to ensure your message gets across.  The 4k resolution screens offer intense clarity and brightness, without glare and can easily be seen even when in direct sunlight. No need to worry that your adverts won't display the way you would prefer, these top quality Billboards are designed for the best digital display to effectively promote your products and services and even display your sport and other events.

GPS Mapping

GPS Mapping ensures that our drivers know the best routes to target the most amount of traffic to improve the number of people that view your campaign. GPS Mapping also allows you, as the customer to check where the truck is to ensure that the route agreed upon is being followed.  We will use the GPS Mapping system to help you plan your routes to improve exposure as well as provide an efficient and cost effective advertising campaign solution. Our software is kept up to date to ensure we can provide the best routing solutions.

Content retention

Video content will be watched 94% more than printed content and retained 80% better than printed advertising. These figures are from actual research statistics. It is also noted that people are 56% more likely to share the information they received via video as it creates a story in the mind, which is easier to retain and retell. Video is easier to process and less demanding on the person watching it and more of an automatic process. Mobile billboards place your videos where people are guaranteed to see them, whether in vehicle traffic or parked in an area that receives drive by or walk by traffic, your advert is sure to generate interest. Your potential customers will be more likely to watch the video and remember it as well as pass on the information to others.

Professional Accountability

We believe that you should get what you pay for.  Our trucks are equipped with GPS which allows you to see the route the truck is traveling or that it is parked where requested for your campaign. We also have cameras on the trucks that allow you to view the advertisements that are running at any point in time, to ensure your branding is being displayed as agreed, as well as allowing you to view the traffic in the surrounding area. This allows you to get an idea of the customer engagement you are likely to have in specific areas and also to change your routes if the current ones don't meet the traffic potential expected. Our services are transparent and honest, you get what you paid for and we deliver on our promises to you!

Better targeting

General advertising campaigns tend to be a toss up on whether or not your target demographic actually sees the message, and also how many people you actually reach in a desired marketing area. Mobile billboards allow you to target specific demographic areas and you are sure to be targeting the exact market you are wanting to reach with your campaign. Choose a small area to advertise in or a much larger area, depending on your needs. Choose to target specific events or design your own routing to maximize your brand visibility to your target market.

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