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Share The Mobile Billboards

Save costs and gain clients with the pre-designed route advertisement on our specially designed truck billboards. We carry advertising for 6 clients at any one time, which can save you costs while still getting your message out there! There are 3 digital billboards available on the back and both the sides, which means your advert can be viewed from any direction. If you share the mobile digital billboard with 5 other clients, your advert will run for 10 minutes every hour on the digital billboard truck. 


The truck would be traveling a set route, ensuring your maximum outreach to your desired demographics. The truck services set routes for 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday and your advert will be included in the route that comes closest to meeting your demographic requirements.  You can choose to rent the entire truck for the time period and play your adverts non-stop for 8 hours or share with 2 to 5 others and your advertising time will be shared accordingly. The truck will be traveling high traffic areas, maximizing your exposure. The GPS system on the truck allows you to track where your advert is being shown at any point during the day. Make use of the 4k high resolution camera to view your adverts on the truck as well as the traffic in the surroundings at any point to ensure you receive the maximum visibility for your investment!


Save while you improve your brand visibility by using our special mobile billboard truck to advertise your products or brand message effectively!

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