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Traditional advertising methods are not working any more.

This is the age of `In Your Face’ business promotion.

We know that an idea that is communicated effectively can change the very world!


Unlike the conventional advertising methods employed by the promotional media, mobile LED advertising solutions provided by Bold & Bright cannot simply be ignored or turned off; they cannot be thrown out. We offer just the right tools for your business marketing campaign. Our LED advertising trucks are cost-effective and they will leave a stunning and lasting impression on your targeted audience. This is made possible by our latest billboards that we offer as innovative solutions to help you remain one step ahead of the media cluster of this competitive world, today.


Go ahead! Try out our `In Your Face’ and high impact advertising for your business brand!


Who are we?


Bold & Bright Advertising Solutions was formed in 2016with our headquarters in Chicago. We have always aimed at providing quality LED billboard promotions across the entire nation. Our mobile truck advertising campaigns allow all kinds of advertisers in creating opportunities with interactive brand displays and embellishments; the displays could be for promotional programs, sporting events, grand openings, or any type of event that you would like to promote. Our valuable clientele includes business owners, corporate firms, festival organizers and various government agencies.


What do our advertising solutions target?


Our moving billboards have been exclusively designed to target particular locations and specific streets all over designated cities and we have proved that this type of advertising will create a lasting impression with our stunning and high-impact style of promotion.


We put your business brand `on the move’ to create an unforgettable impression on the targeted audience. This is made possible through our communication skills, service, client relationships and our accountability that includes easy approach and ability by our clients to track our movements.


Our amazing multimedia vehicles will allow you to see and then believe how we let your business brand dominate your niche market!


Why Bold & Bright?


-        We make it possible for your business brand to reach your targeted audience with ultimate exposure.

-        Our multimedia moving vehicles will bring out your advertisement message effectively and in an attractive  manner, enhancing your sales conversions.

-        You will incur less expenditure when compared with grand conventional media advertising.


What special services do we offer?


-        Live Streaming of Concerts, Sports and Promotional Events (This is done for businesses who would like their shows and events brought out in a cinematic display for instant call to action!)

-        Stage and Sound Systems during Festivals (We supply digital boards and also install them).

-        Pre-Designed Advertisement Route – You can select specific advertising services for select routes and you will have the chance of sharing the electronic message display time with our vast clientele. This will help in enhancing your brand’s exposure while adjusting cost to your individual budget.

-        You get to design your route – You can target specific locations all day long with unique demographic reach in order to maximize the exposure for your business brand.


You have come to the right place! You will not regret it as your brand’s recall rate will reach sky high!

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