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Live Streaming of Sports, Concerts, Festivals Rockford LED Billboard Trucks

Let us help you boost your brand in the Rockford, IL area and its surroundings by utilizing our Rockford LED billboard trucks! Use our live streaming service to share events, concerts, and even sports! We help you connect with a much larger audience and make them feel a part of it all. Live streaming brings the action to your target audience as it happens! 

Festivals, Events & Concerts Stage by Rockford LED Billboard Trucks

Ever wanted to host your own concert in Rockford, IL? We can help you achieve your dream! Our Rockford LED billboard trucks can be used as a stage for festivals and concert performances at a much lower budget than traditional concert performance setups. Not only can we host stage performances, but we also offer a platform for speeches, presentations, and more. 

Pre-designed Route Advertisement in Rockford LED Billboard Trucks

Save costs and gain clients with the pre-designed route advertisement on our specially designed Rockford LED truck billboards! The truck would be traveling a set route, ensuring your maximum outreach to your desired demographics. Save while you improve your brand visibility by advertising smartly in the Rockford area and its surrounding!

Rockford LED Billboard Trucks Political Election Campaign  Marketing

You've done the research, you know your Rockford LED truck advertising market? We can make sure you reach your required demographics effectively. Are you running an election campaign? Are you promoting a new product? Are you looking to get your message out there? This service is perfect for all types of promotional campaigns.

Rockford Mobile Billboard Trucks Statistics

Rockford, Illinois is one of the best places to run a mobile billboard advertising campaign in the United States.  Close to 1 million people live in Rockford and its surroundings.  Rockford also has one of the highest commutes to work time in the midwest, making it perfect for one of our mobile billboard advertising trucks to get your message to as many people as possible.  

B&B Mobile Billboard trucks has decades of experience navigating Rockford's busy mobile billboard advertising industry.  Our state-of-the-art digital LED mobile billboard trucks, and knowledgeable team of experts helps to ensure that your mobile billboard advertising campaign reaches your target audience in Rockford and around the Rockford Metropolitan Area.

Events and Attractions in Rockford, IL

Events and Attractions around the Rockford area is a sure-fire way to reach your audience with a mobile billboard advertising campaign.  Rockford and the Rockford metropolitan area hold more events annually than nearly every other major city in the Illinois beside Chicago.  

Rockford also has many attractions that bring in over 1 million visitors per year.  It's the home to some of the greatest architecture, parks, shopping centers, and restaurants in illinois.

B&B Mobile LED Billboard Trucks knows Rockford's hot spots and can help you create a successful mobile billboard truck advertising campaign that will captivate your target audience.   



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