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Live Streaming

We provide you with the opportunity to offer your valued audience live events on time anywhere!

Let us help you boost your brand! Use our live streaming service to share events, concerts, and even sports! We help you connect with a much larger audience and make them feel a part of it all. Live streaming brings the action to your target audience as it happens! Keep your audience entertained and generate that direct connection whenever and wherever you want!


Why should you use live-streaming? It generates curiosity, which will draw a much larger audience to watch what you are broadcasting. A larger audience also means a larger, potential market for your brand. When you use our live streaming service, we help get your brand name out there.  When people watch the live streams, include your logos or advertise a product to subtly encourage engagement with your brand. The people watching the live streams on the truck may also feel a greater connection, not just to your company, but also each other. Crowds provide a better atmosphere and feeling, especially when watching sports and events as opposed to live-streaming over the internet.


Use our live streaming service on 4k resolution brilliant truck displays, which come fully equipped with thunderous sound system and the specialized live streaming technology to broadcast sports events, concerts, business and charity events or even for training of your staff.  The truck can be used for business or personal events. Instead of waiting for your customers to find you, live streaming from a truck, which can be moved to anywhere you want can help you find your customers! Try out our live streaming truck for your next business promotional event or award ceremony and reap the benefits of added exposure and customers that feel more connected to your brand. 

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