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Political Campaign Marketing

You've done the research, you know your market? We can make sure you reach your required demographics effectively. Hire B&B Billboard Trucks exclusively for your adverts and you get to choose the route and whether you want the truck parked or traveling along a specific route for your 8 hours Monday to Friday. Maximum exposure for your brand in the area you choose! Run one specific advert, or a number of adverts for your brand. Choose the duration each advert is run for and which advert is run at what time. You get to choose how to maximize your advertising potential using our mobile billboard trucks.


Are you running an election campaign? Are you promoting a new product? Are you looking to get your message out there? This service is perfect for all types of promotional campaigns. Travel a desired route or have the truck parked at events such as rallies, concerts, festivals and more to maximize your exposure in a short period of time. This service gives you a variety of options, you get to choose how to reach your target audience. 


Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and let us advise how we can help you improve your brand outreach.

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