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Things to Consider When Renting a Mobile Stage

Are you having an event outdoors, maybe with presenters or perhaps with a band? Then you probably need a stage of some sort. While you can rent a stage for your event, it’s often bulky and difficult to move should there be changes in your program. This is why you should consider renting a mobile stage instead.

Mobile stages, just like billboard advertising, are easy to construct and move and can be used for practically any event that needs a stage. It's the ideal solution, though there are a few things to consider to rent a stage.

Traditional Stage Vs. Mobile Stage

Traditional stages generally take time to assemble. They are usually big and come with the main platform and the backdrop, the top cover, the scaffolding, trusses, etc. All of which needs to be assembled on site. Mobile stages, on the other hand, come pre-assembled with everything you need.

In addition, they tend to be smaller but can easily be set up anywhere. Many of the mobile stage's parts are extended and put up through hydraulics, electric machinery, or manually putting it into place.

Why Are Mobile Stages Best?

Mobile stages are best because they can be set up in almost any location. They are generally cheaper to set up and also take much less time. And because they are mobile, you can set them up in one location then move the stage somewhere else.

They work well with any technical equipment like lights and sounds and can often accommodate many people on stage. They’re probably the best choice if you have to rent a stage.

Other Options to Go With a Mobile Stage

If you are organizing an event and need options for promoting it, there are a few options that go well with your mobile stage. You can rent a billboard and consider digital billboard advertising, perhaps something near where your event is.

Truck ads or truck side advertising is also a good idea. You can have a mobile truck advertising your event around the city, then have it park at the event and advertise other things like your sponsors.

Also, LED advertising trucks are the way to go these days. They’re a cheap reliable form of promotion and can be multipurpose.

Final Thoughts

The mobile stage is the perfect solution for many events. It's easy to set up, cheap, and mobile, so you can move your stage should you need to do so. Coupled with moving truck advertising that can be used on site of your event, you can plan out the best event to appeal to any generation.


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