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The Power and Benefits of Out-of-Home Advertising in Today's Marketing Landscape

With the rise of digital marketing and the decline of traditional media, marketers are reconsidering the value of out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Despite its many benefits, such as contextual relevance, lower CPMs, and improved brand recall, consumers are still turning to non-digital media like television and print ads to engage with brands. However, OOH advertising may be the solution to these challenges.

Political campaigns have long relied on OOH advertising, which has been around since the late 1800s and has only increased in popularity over time. For example, the Washington DC Board of Elections used OOH advertising to drive mobile impressions and secondary actions to win the election in 1892. OOH advertising is always on, making it a powerful tool to impact voters.

OOH advertising has proven to be effective in political campaigns, as seen in Barack Obama's election campaign. Obama's team used OOH to reach voters in key battleground states, activating the campaign at the last minute in 13 states and 28 cities. OOH advertising helps businesses stand out from the competition and encourages the audience to engage with the advertisement.

One of the benefits of OOH advertising is the creative freedom it offers. Unlike other forms of advertising, OOH allows advertisers to experiment with the message and media used. Wallscapes, for example, provide long-term exposure in heavily trafficked areas, allowing for creative designs that integrate the brand into the city's fabric.

Digital OOH advertising is a growing market that delivers significant business results at a low cost. Sixty percent of media planners now include OOH in their marketing plans. OOH advertising also offers interactivity, enabling users to interact with the content on the screen via touchscreens, mobile apps, or social media. Companies can use external data to trigger specific content on screens, providing a more valuable and engaging experience for consumers.


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