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The Importance of Digital Marketing for GO TO VOTE Campaigns

Making Use of Digital Marketing Tools to Promote Voting

Encouragement of voters to cast ballots on election day is as crucial to politicians as any other aspect of the campaign. In fact, GOTV efforts for a campaign should be viewed as the most crucial aspect of the campaign because they can mean the difference between win and defeat.

In 2018, 49.3 percent of eligible voters went to the polls for the midterm election, breaking the previous record of 50.4 percent set in 1914, according to the United States Election Project. Comparatively, in 2014, the lowest voter turnout in 72 years, at 36.7 percent, was recorded.

Social media is thought to be a potent weapon for imposing tremendous social pressure on voters to participate in the election, even though door-to-door canvassing is still the method that consistently mobilizes votes. Digital campaigning appears to be the way to go, particularly these days when individuals are engaging in social distance.

The Influence of Digital Advertising

Political campaigns need to have a strong online presence. If President Donald Trump's continued popularity among his followers is any indication, he demonstrated this when he won the 2016 election and continues to do so.

Create a Basic, Responsive Website

A website serves as the first point of contact for a candidate's online presence. From this point on, they will be able to introduce their platform, give current information about their campaign, and start interacting with prospective voters. The website needs to be mobile-friendly in order to be accessible from both PCs and mobile devices. Make sure the website is simple to navigate rather than just having a spectacular appearance so that visitors won't have to make any assumptions.

According to studies, people are more likely to cast their ballots when they create a plan to do so. Giving your prospective voters the resources they require to organize their actions on election day will make it simpler for them to cast a ballot. Constituents might be encouraged by your website by using the polling place finder. Some websites also have a page where users can promise to vote. If they fulfill this promise, they will receive reminders through email or SMS as election day approaches.

Utilize the Potential of Social Media

Candidates have a direct route to voters thanks to social media, which gives them plenty of chance to spread their message and try to encourage people to cast ballots. Candidates can use social media to help them mobilize voters by doing the following:

urging your target audience to send out reminders that the people in their network will be casting votes in the upcoming election. This is a sort of social pressure that has been shown to be an effective strategy for raising a person's likelihood of casting a ballot as well. Making Get Out the Vote advertisements or posts that your target audience will notice as they browse through their feed is one method to accomplish this.

providing social media-ready graphics to encourage voting. Make a Difference!, Your Vote Matters!, or Your Vote Is Your Voice can all be seen in these photos. Make sure the photographs are the appropriate size for the social media channels used by your target demographic. When a voter posts your GOTV image on their profile, this informs other users in their network that they intend to vote, boosting pressure on others to do the same. This strategy also has the added benefit of raising social pressure.

People who are inclined to vote for you but have not always cast ballots in previous elections would be your target demographic for your GOTV campaign. It's not always simple to persuade people to use their right to vote, but you can do it by reaching out to them with tailored messages; talk to them about the topics that matter to them and why it's crucial for their voice to be heard.

Like your website, displaying a list of polling places on social media and billboard led trucks can entice individuals to cast their ballots. Alternately, you can invite people to sign up for election reminders on your website or provide a link to the polling station finder on your social media sites.

Use videos as needed.

– Voter interaction is made simple with the help of the effective instrument of video. Because of this, it needs to be used to raise awareness of the significance of casting a ballot on election day, whether through real-time or recorded video. Engage your audience in conversation and include a compelling call to action.

Utilize Data for Personalized Online Advertising

Online advertisements are a useful, simple approach to increasing your reach. Today, campaigns can make use of information that goes beyond voter demographics, such as a voter's political affiliation, likelihood to vote, and the number of previous votes. Candidates for office will be able to send targeted internet advertisements to persuade eligible voters to participate in the upcoming election thanks to these pieces of data and IP targeting. In addition, billboard led trucks can be utilized to mobilize social media naive voters.

Benefits from Email Marketing

Political candidates and their campaigns should make use of the fact that they typically have access to mailing lists by frequently sending tailored email newsletters, especially as election day approaches. Voters should be reminded of your campaign's message and urged to cast their ballots. It may be helpful to be as personal as you can through this channel, such as asking voters to let you know if they require transportation to the voting place and providing a means for them to get in touch with your team. You can use this to prepare and complete the necessary logistics for election day.

Use of LED Digital Billboard Trucks

The use of digital-led billboard trucks gives political campaigns the ability to specifically microtarget their audience. Billboard LED trucks can be used to encourage voting and to spread awareness among voters about political campaign information. Wisconsin billboard-led trucks have been utilized tremendously in previous campaigns to target audiences who other means were not able to reach.

Final Reflections

Your online advertising Typically, a Get Out the Vote campaign is designed to support your local efforts. The strategies listed above are just a few that candidates can use to maximize technology to boost voter turnout.

More significantly, the messages you should be spreading—namely, that democracy only functions when people's voices are heard—are more vital than these technologies. that each vote matters.


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