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Effectiveness of Mobile Billboard Trucks in Increasing Brand Awareness

Among a consumer purchasing path, brand awareness in the target population causes consideration and, finally, decision-making. It has a significant impact on a customer's decision to purchase a product. Consumers are more inclined to think about the brands they are most familiar with, according to studies.

Gaining brand recognition will increase conversions. Mobile billboard LED trucks are a powerful, affordable, and simple digital marketing tool that may raise brand awareness and boost conversion rates. According to the Arbitron National In-Car Study's statistics,

58% of viewers learned about an event they were interested in attending or a restaurant they later visited from billboard advertising messages, which were seen by 71% of the US passengers questioned while driving.

50% of them went to a store that they learned about from a billboard.

26% of people identified a phone number on a billboard.

28% of people identified a website address on a billboard.

The average American drives about 200 miles every week for around 20 hours.

A choice to buy is made by more than two-thirds of billboard watchers while they are driving, and about 75% of them do so on their way home from work.

The intriguing research results presented above all indicate that mobile billboards can be used to significantly affect consumers' purchasing decisions. Mobile billboards offer a fantastic way to promote a business and reach clients from a variety of demographic backgrounds. Your viewers absolutely CAN'T MISS US with an eye-catching advertisement on our large trucks going by!


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