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Utilizing Game Day Traffic Wisely – Digital Mobile Billboard Trucks

The majority of us have experienced game days and can recall how crowded they are and how many people arrive early to take in the ambiance. The average NHL spectator attendance is over 17,000, the average MLB spectator attendance is over 28,000, and the average NFL game spectator attendance is 68,000, so sporting events may give your business a ton of exposure and awareness! There are other events that draw even more viewers, such as the US Open, which often draws around 700,000 people. This is a perfect time, from a marketing standpoint, to promote goods and services.

Although conventional OOH (out-of-home) marketing techniques like bulletins, wallscapes, and posters have their place in a marketing strategy, they are not the most effective way to capitalize on the heavy traffic on game days. These OOH marketing strategies frequently call for the week- or month-long buys, which don't really target your audience since you're trying to reach them on a certain day—game day—in a meaningful way. Additionally, because these techniques are static, your advertising cannot respond to the activity taking place and may only briefly target your niche population.

Selecting a digital mobile billboard will allow you to more precisely target your intended market. Because advertising can appear anywhere, you don't need to worry about locating a fixed location close to the stadium to pitch your OOH advertisement. For optimum impact, it is best to strategically situate your mobile billboard next to busy intersections, sporting events, sports bars, and retail establishments. By selecting a mobile type of advertising, you can make sure that your advertisement is effective all day long despite the possibility that these locations vary throughout the day.

Additionally, it is simpler to produce contextually relevant digital mobile billboards. While a static kind of advertising cannot be updated throughout the weeks that it is exhibited, digital mobile billboards can be substantially more customized to the intended demographic. You may engage with potential customers on an authentic, emotional level by personalizing the advertisement and making it pertinent to each athletic event, which improves the success of your marketing plan.

To sum up, mobile billboards can engage with people on an emotional and physical level in ways that traditional OOH marketing techniques cannot. Mobile billboards offer incredible memory rates and may be carefully positioned to influence people even more. The number of people at athletic events makes them an ideal setting to market your goods and services, thus choosing a more adaptable and reactive style of advertisement will boost the success of your advertising campaign.


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